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Hello, BlueBearizona is the creation of an artist couple who has a deep love for Arizona, its nature, wildlife and people. BlueBearizona offers a life style of "savoir vivre". It brings magic, soulfulness and inspiration to each of its endeavours. Check them out - there are many.

Your Hosts

Barb and Michael at the Stargate.JPG

Michael & BearBelle Hoet

Michael, originally from Belgium is an established visionary and martial artist. His art work  has been shown in Germany, Spain, Mexico and the US. In Mexico he was hired to restore and create murals for a retreat center and an eco-village. He has been teaching visual and martial arts to adults and kids alike for many years. He now lives in Sedona, Arizona.

Shaman's Cave (3).JPG

BearBelle & Michael Hoet

BearBelle, originally from Germany is a creative chef who is, specialized in  Mediterranean cuisine. She has worked with retreat centers in Sedona AZ as a vegetarian, vegan Chef, specialized in raw desserts. She gives Hatha  yoga  and meditation sessions in her cottage. She is also a  passionate creator of knitted wearable art. 



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