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What's cooking in Old Town Cottonwood_ed
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BearBelle's Culinary Services

As a chef, BearBelle can cook up anything for you. She has a passion for Mediterranean Cuisine, since she spent part of her life in France and Spain. She also does retreat cooking,  Food healing cooking for cancer recovery. Some of her specialties are chakra juice fasting, raw food and vegetarian as well as vegan and gluten free. 

Visit Michael's Art Studio online

Michael's visionary art is shown in his online art gallery.  Take a look and get carried away by the magic, vision and mystery of his work.  Michael's art tells stories of  'Turtle Island', ancient wisdom of a Native America.  His illustrated journeys invite you to visit far countries or explore wilderness, wildlife or some pristine National Parks. Michael draws inspiration from shamanic trance drumming, dancing and native flute play. Ceremony and sacredness are his life style.


BearBelle's Wearable Art

A variety of southwestern style knitted clothing is available for sale in the cottage. The passion of creating has no limits. A cotton blend is used for most knit wear, which is skin-friendly. Prices are reasonable for every budget.


Paint and draw with Michael

Michael's dream as a kid was to become an artist or a martial artist. He had to choose but then decided to do both. He went to evening classes at the Art Academy in Gent, Belgium and during the day he would pursue his competitive martial arts career. If you would like to learn how to draw or paint or even try a boxing class, Michael is an enthusiastic, energetic and intuitive instructor. A  PT rate can be agreed on depending on your level and needs.


Yoga and meditation with BearBelle

BearBelle practices Hatha yoga and meditation for 35 years. She also recently began working with the Merkaba vehicle for bio-regenesis, bio-field clearing, alignment, protection and physical revitalization. It has become a life style. If you wish to make these disciplines an integral part of your life, she can support you. Rates to be agreed on.

Planning your next stay in Sedona, Arizona?

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